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Your firm looks to prepare for tomorrow's world. It is time to ask the right questions and test potential solutions, all with speed and agility. We work with you to do it in a single day.

The One-Day Innovation Sprint

Working with lots of different organizations over the last 5 years allowed us to develop a smarter innovation process, immensely speeding up time-to-market. Total duration: one single day.


09:00 – 14:00

We get the right people in the same room for half a day. Your team, partners, maybe even clients. Together, we get to the root of the problem, come up with a mass of ideas, and use those to produce one master solution.

At two in the afternoon, your team is done and ready to leave the sprint room.


14:00 – 19:00

Our two creatives will use the remainder of the day to transform the solution your team has reached into a beautiful, interactive prototype. After the presentation at 19:00, you can immediately use the prototype.

The goal of the innovation sprint is to lower the barrier to explore more ideas. Within one day, you have something concrete in your hands that you can immediately pitch, test and validate.

The interactive prototype

The prototype is not your average mock-up. We use Figma, Framer and write actual code to make it behave just like a real application.

What you can use it for

Because the prototype looks just like a real product, it's ideal to present and test it among people and validate your concept before actually building it.

Turning it into a real product

If you decide to make it real, we work with you to finalize the product after which it can be developed by your in-house team or our partner agency.

Jasper Fraikin

"We collaborated with Jeroen and Tycho for the first time. The effective nature of the sprint makes it so that we can move very rapidly. Within a day, we were able to realize a prototype that gives us lots of insight for the development of our product."

Jasper Fraikin · FJ Creative Digital Production
Thijl Klerkx

"When I started Dayli, a delivery service in Amsterdam, I used the prototype to pitch our idea to investors, suppliers and our target audience. The prototype truly made our product come to life, so the feedback I received became more concrete as well."

Thijl Klerkx · Dayli

Tycho Litjens

Tycho is a digital product designer who is always aiming to achieve visual perfection. He studied Experience Design at Hyper Island and worked for creative agencies 72andSunny and Grrr.

Jeroen Riemens

Jeroen has a background in design, technology and business, and has created digital products for a variety of brands. He has a diploma in IBA and writes on product design here.

Tycho & Jeroen have been trusted by industry-leading companies, including:

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