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"There is a lot of value in the speed in which they convert our ideas into high-fidelity prototypes."

People have thousands of ideas, but they tend to stay abstract and theoretical. The Prototype Factory makes sure that you end up with something concrete. There is a lot of value in the speed in which they convert our ideas into high-fidelity prototypes, to then being able to actually validate it.

Bart Verboom FinTech Partnerships, Digital Banking

"An extremely powerful way to accelerate our product development."

Visualising our idea in a workable prototype really accelerated our product development. Instead of using words to explain the concept, we could simply demonstrate – extremely powerful! I am convinced that this made our concept win the global contest.

Stijn de Bekker IT Manager

"The Prototype Factory's process enables us to move very rapidly."

We collaborated with Jeroen and Tycho for the first time, as we were looking to do more with the data we receive from the video campaigns we produce. The effective nature of their process makes it so that we can move very rapidly. Within the first day, we were able to realize a prototype that gave us lots of insight for further development of our internal product.

Jasper Fraikin Video Marketing Strategist & Co-Founder

"How much you can get done in such a short period!"

We hosted a 3-day sprint with The Prototype Factory for the new Moneyou Go mobile application. How much you can get done in such a short period!

Menno van Leeuwen Business & Customer Development Lead

"A prototype allows for more concrete feedback on an idea."

When I started Dayli, a delivery service in Amsterdam, I used the prototype to pitch our idea to investors, suppliers and our target audience – almost everyone I interacted with. The prototype had two main advantages:

  1. It makes the idea very concrete. The visual aspect of it truly makes the product come to life, so the feedback I received became more concrete as well.
  2. A prototype shows the people you pitch it to that you are a step ahead. It tells your story and gives you an advantage over competitors.

Normally, you obtain feedback only after designing and developing the entire product. I showed the prototype to people wherever I had the chance, so they could immediately provide me with very valuable feedback.

Thijl Klerkx Founder

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