Innovation Sprint

Introducing a more efficient innovation process for digital projects. In 3 days, we determine the best approach, build a prototype, and test it in the real world against your target audience.

Day 1: Solution

The first day consists of a high-paced 5-hour event in which we put the best people in one room, produce lots of ideas and collectively find the best approach to tackle the challenge at hand, no matter the stage of the project.

We get the best people in one room, focused on this challenge for half a day.

Before the sprint, we clearly define what challenge this sprint should solve, and determine a varied team of people to solve it. This can include employees from different teams, external experts on the topic, or even actual customers for a true co-creation process and direct validation of the produced concepts.

We get to the root of the challenge and individually come up with a solution.

We do a true deep dive into the challenge at hand, in which we explore the root of the issue. Often, a deeper, more fundamental challenge needs to be solved in order to make true progress. Then, when the challenge is clear and lots of ideas are witten down, each individual draws out the solution they believe fits best in silence.

Finally, we democratically combine the best features in one 'master solution'.

Now that everyone in the team has designed a solution they believe in, we collectively go through each approach and select the best features in each sketch. Finally, we combine the very best of everyone’s solutions into one master solution that will be built and validated against real users in the next two days.

Day 2: Prototype

With over ten years of experience in product design, we transform the solution from day one into a prototype that looks just like a real application, allowing us to receive high-quality feedback even in an early stage of a project.

Like a real application.

The prototype is not your average mock-up. We write actual JavaScript code to make it behave just like a real application. Your users won't be able to tell it's a prototype, increasing validity of UX tests.

Built-in analytics.

If you'd like to test the prototype quantitatively after the sprint, we can include analytics right in your prototype to give you a deeper understanding of how your customers are using it.

Freedom to iterate.

We always hand over all source files and the intellectual property with the delivery of the prototype, so that you have the complete freedom to change the prototype with a partner agency or in-house team.

Day 3: Validation

A groundbreaking concept is hardly innovative if the adoption rate fails to grow. We observe how people use the prototype and combine this with unstructured interviews to validate the concept against your target audience.

Test with real people.

We find 10 people that belong to your target audience and let them use the prototype extensively in order to clarify which features they love and which can be improved.

Get specific feedback.

We plan a set of interview questions based on the target you specify during our solution session on day one, so you obtain highly specific feedback on the topics that matter.

We take care of it all.

From participant recruitment and setting up the test location to arranging incentives and executing the research, you don't have to worry about anything in this stage.

Innovation Sprint

  • For: Early-stage digital innovation projects.

  • Duration: 3 days, with client in-house on day 1.

  • Deliverables: Envelope with all ideas and sketches, an interactive digital prototype, a validation report and a wrap-up presentation at your office.


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